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New Album: Harlow & Marlow


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The Music

Salsa's not dead and Marlow Rosado has multiple Grammys to prove it. You can listen to or purchase Marlow's former albums including the Grammy Award Winning RETRO using the buttons below.

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Getting ready to hit the stage at arts garage. ... See MoreSee Less

I LOVE THE USA, regardless of who you like or not, we have to agree that this process is monumentally AWESOME. Watching the inauguration is amazing, this beautiful country of ours is great. Today the entire world watches us as we continue to set a peaceful example. I love that Hilary, Bush, and Bernie are all there. GOD BLESS AMERICA. ... See MoreSee Less

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Aquí limpiando el piano, y tú que haces ? ... See MoreSee Less

Can somebody please tell me what's the deal with this new school of soft hip-hop. I never thought in my life I would hear a hip-hop artist say words like "I'm too good for you, you take my love for granted". Check out the little video below ...enjoy ... See MoreSee Less

Baya mi gente, aquí con FRAGANCIA de DLG , grabando trompetas para el nuevo disco de DLG.... GOZANDO CON FRAGA ... See MoreSee Less

So true.. a 2 day winter and we freak out... no no no,,, bring back the sun ... See MoreSee Less

LATIN SONG WRITING HALL OF FAME KICK OFF 2017 MEETING. Great people, great meeting. ... See MoreSee Less

No existe una ciudad donde entras por la mañana a beberte un cafecito y te encuentras con un party en el Bakery.. que viva nuestra cultura..
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Ya que estamos en "INDIA MODE" este tema yo se lo escribi hace un par de años atras junto a mi gran amigo Jorge L Piloto.
TE VAS A ARREPENTIR (Marlow Rosado y Jorge L Piloto)
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